Landscape Finance Innovations

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Policy Brief (click here to access document)

Mobilizing finance across sectors and projects to achieve sustainable landscapes: Emerging Models

Finance Innovation Design team goals and activities (click here to access document)

A key objective of the 1000 Landscapes for 1 Billion People Initiative is to reduce the cost and time needed for landscape partnerships to generate investable restoration and sustainable development projects and get them funded. It will also partner with financial innovators to develop new mechanisms that meet the demands of investors, reducing their costs and risks, while matching ILM partnership needs. 

A critical first step was to establish the Finance Innovations Design Team, which is co-led by EcoAgriculture Partners and WWF’s Landscape Finance Lab and includes are growing list of Design Contributors Rainforest Alliance, Commonland, UNDP, IUCN-Netherlands, Climate-KIC, Conservation International, Africa Center for a Green Economy, Loom Capital, Root Capital, Capital Institute the Coalition for Private Investment in Conservation (CPIC), Convergence, and the Dutch Government, Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, Sall Foundation, U.S. International Development Finance Corporation, and MacroStrategy Edge.

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