June 1-5: Workshop Videos and Documents to Review

This week, we kindly ask you to:

  • Let us know about your main hope for the 1000 Landscapes initiative in our virtual Whiteboard Document.
  • Review the video presentations comment and ask questions in the comment section @YouTube. You can find these materials as a in the co-design menu, when hovering over the menu tab ´June 1-5: Workshop Videos and Documents to Review´ or by following this link for the Digital Platform materials, this link for the Finance Innovation materials and this link for the Organization and Governance materials
  • Read the written materials (can be found in the same locations as mentioned above).
  • Prepare for using the meeting technology and your connections to make sure we are all set and we can help you answer any technical questions in time.


Virtual Whiteboard

Please write any questions, ideas or comments you have regarding any of the sessions on our Virtual Whiteboard.

Our Design Team co-leads will review comments on the Whiteboard and Videos and answer questions. 
Bali Rice Fields. The village of Belimbing, Bali, boasts some of the most beautiful and dramatic rice terraces in all of Indonesia. Morning light is a wonderful time to photograph the landscape.