June 3-5 ´Get to Know You´ (small group sessions 3-12)

Guidance for the ´Get to Know You´ Meetings

You are invited to join 4 or 5 others in a get-to-know-you meeting during the week before the workshop on June 3, 4 or 5. In each meeting, there will be at least one member from the 1000 Landscapes core partners to welcome participants and help guide the conversation.

The meeting will take 30-45 min.

These meetings are meant as a small replacement for the chats you usually have when you come to a workshop, register, hang up your coats, look for a place to sit, and get your first coffee… 

We are suggesting the following process for your get-to-know-you meeting:


Get a coffee, tea or some water, and make yourself comfortable with your computer, tablet, or phone…

Start: Get together

  • Come together in the Zoom conference room at the appointed time.
  • Make sure you can all hear and see each other (unmute, activate video). In case some of you are joining by phone, make sure the persons can hear you all well and be heard by all.

3-5 min

Go around and introduce yourselves:

  • Your name, your organization, your location
  • Your role in the 1000 Landscapes for 1 Billion People Initiative

5-10 min

Go around again and answer the following questions:

  • When I first heard about the 1000 Landscapes for 1 Billion People Initiative, I felt…?
  • Since then, I have mostly focused on… (which part of the Initiative)?
  • My biggest hope for the upcoming workshop is…?

10-20 min

You can also answer the questions in turn and go around several times.

Feel free to discuss the questions in your group in more detail if you wish. 

Feel free to add questions or points of discussion…

Make sure you all get to share your thoughts

In case any questions or comments arise in your conversation that you wish to share with all workshop participants, you are invited to use the workshop virtual white board. It is linked on the workshop website.

Close the call, wave good-bye!   If you can, take a screenshot and share it with organizers!


June 3:
Sessions 3-6: Small get-to-know-you meetings

about 45 min each


Session 3: 9am PDT / 12pm EDT / 6pm CEST

  • Seth Shames (host)
  • Steve Francis
  • Roger Villalobos
  • Dow Maneerattana


Session 4: 10am PDT / 1pm EDT / 7pm CEST

  1. Sara Scherr (host)
  2. Christian Shearer
  3. Percy Summer
  4. Jim Fruchterman


Session 5: 9am EDT / 3pm CEST / 4pm EAT/ 8pm WIB 

  1. Deesha Chandra (host)
  2. Christian Mensah
  3. Elizabeth Teague
  4. Azisa Parker
  5. Phemo Kgomotso


Session 6: 9am CEST / 10am EAT / 2pm WIB

  • Simon Moolenaar (host)
  • Manon Koningstein
  • Martine Reimerink
  • Romie Goedicke
  • Bharat Gotame
June 4
Sessions 7-11 – Small get-to-know-you meetings


Session 7: 9am PDT / 12pm EDT / 6pm CEST

  • Scott Henderson (host)
  • Patrick Crist
  • Gregory Landua
  • Edward Millard
  • Eveline Trines
  • Willem Ferwerda


Session 8: 10am PDT / 1pm EDT / 7pm CEST

  • Louise Buck (host)
  • Leif Pedersen
  • Hector Martinez
  • Stuart Cowen
  • Roderick Zagt
  • Nigel Sizer


Session 9: 9am EDT / 3pm CEST / 4pm EAT / 8pm WIB 

  • Minu Hemmati (host)
  • Victoria Gutierrez
  • Jan-Willem den Besten
  • Gete Zeleke
  • Oana Mondoc
  • Paul Chatterton
  • Joachim Guiebouri 


Session 10: 9am CEST / 10am EAT / 2pm WIB

  • Corinne Moser (host)
  • Jasper Bertels
  • Mao Amis
  • Enrico Celio
  • John Recha


June 5
Sessions 11+12 – Small get-to-know-you meetings 


Session 11: 9am EDT / 3pm CEST / 4pm EAT / 8pm WIB

  • Tom Derr (host)
  • Aaron Bruner
  • Midori Paxton
  • Dietmar Roth
  • David Kuria


Session 12: 9am CEST / 10am EAT / 2pm WIB

  • Geert Eenhoorn (host)
  • Roos van der Deijl
  • Daniel Zimmer
  • Putra Agung
  • Amos Wekesa
June 5: Sessions 13-15 – Design Teams to Review and Prepare

Design teams / small groups discussion teams (facilitators, co-facilitators, rapporteurs, presenters) review comments and questions and prepare for the small group discussions

90 min

Session 13: Finance 8am EDT / 2pm CEST until 9:30am / EDT 3:30pm CEST

Session 14: Digital 7am PDT / 10am EDT / 4pm CEST until 8:30am PDT / 11:30am EDT / 5:30pm CEST

Session 15: Org & Gov 12 noon EDT / 6pm CEST until 1:30pm / EDT 7:30pm CES