Welcome and Overview

Introduction to the Workshop

This workshop is a critical milestone in the 1000 Landscapes co-design process launched at the beginning of this year. The design process is being driven by three Design Teams focused on: (1) a Digital Landscape Action Platform, the technology backbone of 1000 Landscapes; (2) Innovative Finance, to support and scale landscape partnerships and integrated landscape investment portfolios; and (3) Organization and Governance of 1000 Landscapes. Many of you already have participated in some of these Design Team consultations. 

As the workshop title suggests, we are committed to a robust collaborative design process involving the initiative’s core partners, technical design partners, landscape leaders and the wider community of landscape supporters. The aim of the workshop is to take a step back and critically reflect on the design process to date and future plans, with the following three objectives:

  • Build a collective understanding of 1000 Landscapes’ vision, mission and strategic approach;
  • Review and assess draft Design Team findings, initial designs and proposed next steps in the design process;
  • Help map the way forward for the Design Teams and the initiative as a whole — direction/focus and what interim products can be generated to share publicly.

Overview of the website


  • In these webpages, you will be able to find all materials needed for the co-design workshop.
  • Under ´Virtual Workshop Whiteboard´ (password protected) you can leave comments and questions, using the appropriate sections. Organizers will review the board regularly.
  • Under ´Meeting Technology´ you will find tips and tricks on the use of Zoom.

  • Under ´Agenda´(password protected), you will find the detailed agenda for the three weeks, including all the sessions and time-slots

  • Under ´Participants´, you will be able to find a list of participants with links to their bio´s


What to do if you cannot find something or have another question regarding the workshop flow?

In case of technical questions regarding the sessions or the website, please reach out to Manon Koningstein at mkoningstein@ecoagriculture.org)

For any other question, please reach out to Minu Hemmati (the workshop facilitator at minu.hemmati@msp-institute.org) or Peter Hazlewood (Lead 1000 Landscapes at phazlewood@ecoagriculture.org)

Virtual workshop whiteboard

This google doc shall serve as a ‘virtual whiteboard’ throughout the workshop. Please feel free to leave comments and questions here, using the appropriate sections. Make sure you don’t forget to add your name to your comments.
Organizers will review the board regularly.

Meeting technology

Throughout the entire meeting we will use Zoom. For more recommendations and tips on how to use Zoom, please see here our tips and tricks sheet.