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Session 3
Session 10: Enrico showcasing the visioning tool that his unit within Swiss Federal Institute of Technology has developed.
Session 10
Session 10, Corinne Moser, Enrico Celio and John Recha
Session 12: Geert Eenhoorn, Roos van der Deijl, Putra Agung, Amos Wekesa
Session 9: Victoria Gutierrez, Commonland; Paul Chatterton, WWF; Oana Mondoc, WWF Romania; Gete Zeleke, Water & Land Resource Centre, Ethiopia; Minu Hemmati,MSP Institute
Session 15
Session 16
Session 18
Session 19
Session 20
Session 21
Session 23
Session 24
Session 25
Session 27
Organization & Governance Co-Design team review meeting. Session 31