Laudes Foundation Pledges $370,000 To Bring Integrated Landscape Management To Communities

by | July 7, 2021 | 1000L News

We’re excited to announce that Laudes Foundation has committed $370,000 to EcoAgriculture Partners, becoming the latest supporter of the 1000 Landscapes For 1 Billion People coalition. Their contribution will help local partnerships worldwide better manage land and resources to boost livelihoods while protecting nature and culture.

Specifically, we’ll use Laudes Foundation funds for convening the initiative, as well as for outreach and advocacy to accomplish 1000L’s mission. Their support will also help establish the 1000L Global Action Network.

Laudes Foundation is accelerating a transition to climate-positive and inclusive economies worldwide by re-envisioning markets to value people and respect nature. It’s doing this by helping industries adopt a more regenerative and just approach to sourcing by going beyond only certification-based approaches. In striving to reach its vision, Laudes Foundation is joining 1000L in supporting whole-landscape partnership approaches that give more voice and flexibility to local communities in negotiating with supply companies.

“We couldn’t be happier to welcome Laudes Foundation onto the team,” says EcoAgriculture Partners President and CEO Sara Scherr. “We’re only going to achieve healthier landscapes and communities if we develop more sustainable supply chains and business models that align with local priorities. With them joining 1000L, we have a better shot of bringing the solution—integrated landscape management—to scale.”


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