Landscape Partnership Agreement

The LP, whether a formal or informal grouping of partners, will come together around a common landscape vision. This provides direction to the LP and a foundation for collaborative action. To work effectively together, it is valuable for the group to have a clear agreement about its purpose and the ways in which it will operate.

Such an LP agreement may be quite short and simple initially, and evolve to be more elaborate as new stakeholders come on board and the group commits to more concrete actions. For example, the process of deepening partner relationships and shared understanding, described in Element 2, and discussions that arise during the visioning and planning process, described in Element 3, might lead to refining the LP’s goals and ways of working.

An Agreement may include the LP’s organizational values, its structure and governance, member roles and responsibilities, decision-making processes, procedures for conflict resolution, and information-sharing. Some specify available and possible future sources of funding.