Our Strategy



Mobile first tools to drive results

Through comprehensive, open-source and easy-to-use software and data tools, Terraso will support Landscape Partnerships by making their actions more effective– better, faster, and more inclusive. Terraso will provide locally adaptable tools that reduce the time and cost needed to plan, develop and fund investable landscape projects.


Community Catalyst

Sharing knowledge and building connections

Initiating and supporting action-oriented place- and practice-based communities passionate about scaling and mainstreaming landscape approaches. Through online and in-person dialogues, alliance building and joint learning, these communities play a critical role in promoting landscape approaches by influencing decision-makers locally, nationally and globally.


Landscape Capacity Strengthening

Mainstreaming landscape thinking and practice

User-centered tools and curriculum to build the capabilities of Landscape Partnerships will be developed and then delivered through existing learning networks and training institutes as well as through Terraso.

finance solutions

Landscape Finance Solutions

Shifting financial flows

Different kinds of financial institutions– government, philanthropic, civic and private– will shift financial flows towards investment in sustainable landscapes. Innovative, scalable finance models will be developed for landscape investments.

Global network

The Global Hub

Harmonizing our efforts

1000L services are all connected and related. Our Global Hub will engage partners, synthesize learning and align action, communications and decision making to increase overall effectiveness and efficiency.

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