Pathways to Thriving Landscapes: Financing Economic Development and Healthy Ecosystems

by | October 30, 2023 | Finance and Economics, Landscape Partnerships, Landscape Restoration and Management

In a world where approaches to region-wide resource and economic management face unprecedented challenges, a groundbreaking webinar series, Pathways to Thriving Landscapes: Financing Economic Development and Healthy Ecosystems, is helping individuals and organizations secure funding for landscape initiatives worldwide. At its core is integrated landscape finance (ILF), a forward-thinking method that uses multiproject and multisector portfolios to amplify positive impacts and drive financing options for landscape partnerships.

Unlike conventional funding strategies, ILF prioritizes locally led action to combat climate change adaptation, biodiversity loss, and rural poverty. This webinar series presents a valuable space for learning and knowledge exchange on ILF and was developed by the 1000 Landscapes for 1 Billion People initiative (1000L).

Creating a Learning Agenda

The first webinar in this series, Introduction to Integrated Landscape Finance, set the stage for cocreating a learning agenda. After giving an overview of ILF concepts, experts confirmed that landscape and development practitioners want to mobilize resources for multiple landscape objectives. This session concluded with experts and participants collaborating to choose the topics for the subsequent webinars.

Through surveys and breakout groups, most participants identified “strategies for financially supporting landscape partnerships” as a top priority. The other suggested topics included talking points related to carbon finance and credits, green bonds, and coordination of ILF projects.

Strategies for Funding Landscape Partnerships

The second webinar, Strategies for Funding Landscape Partnerships, featured three esteemed landscape leaders who shared their invaluable insights and experiences with securing finance for their landscape initiatives.

Resources and information for the landscape leaders panel:

“Landscape leaders such as our panelists and many other regenerators around the world are changemakers in the purest sense of the word,” said Jean-Louis Robadey, founder of the Regenerative Development Group and moderator for this webinar. “Their dedication to nurturing both landscapes and communities requires substantial financial support. It’s heartening to see public and philanthropic funders, sustainable investors, and corporate leaders recognize their transformative work.”

Adaptable Finance for Everyone’s Needs

The first two sessions of this webinar series highlighted the urgent need to explore the practical mobilization of resources for landscapes and landscape partnerships. While theoretical insights shouldn’t be ignored, practical application is essential. These sessions illuminated the scarcity of spaces for sharing real-world lessons in this domain, highlighting the need for a learning community dedicated to landscape finance.

“We hope that this series is helping to build a community of practitioners interested in designing and implementing landscape finance mechanisms. We’re all learning, and the series is designed to respond to the interests of the participants,” said Seth Shames, lead of the 1000L Finance Design Team.

As each landscape is unique, ongoing exchanges are vital to assist leaders in adapting and applying integrated approaches effectively. ILF is the umbrella term for a variety of financial mechanisms and technical solutions that are best suited for long-term but flexible investment opportunities. The future holds exciting prospects as we build a vibrant and dynamic landscape finance community.


Announcing the Final Webinar on Carbon Finance

Mark your calendars for November 30 at 10 a.m. ET as we delve into our final webinar, Carbon Finance as a Catalyst for Integrated Landscape Transformation. We will bring together carbon finance experts and landscape practitioners to discuss successful strategies and challenges of leveraging carbon finance in an integrated landscape context. Register here to be a part of the conversation. 


We extend our deepest gratitude to Carl Bruessow, Hendrik Buermann, and Martha Isabel (Pati) Ruiz Corzo for joining us as panelists and sharing their invaluable experiences.

This learning series is only possible with the dedication of its organizers, who have collectively contributed to its design, content, outreach, and presentation. This includes Aaron Bruner (Conservation International), Alejandro Diaz (Commonland), Monique Ewerton (CDP), Juan Ramos (EcoAgriculture Partners), Jean-Louis Robadey (RDG), Seth Shames (EcoAgriculture Partners), Karishma Shelar (WELLs Labs), Tammy Tullis (RDG), Sarah Lupberger (Rainforest Alliance), and Daniel Zimmer (Climate KIC). In addition, thanks go to Brianna Van Matre and Shannon Sutherland (EcoAgriculture Partners) for their support on communications and outreach.  

We want to extend a special thanks to Alejandro Diaz, Seth Shames, and Jean-Louis Robadey for their additional roles in introducing sessions, engaging speakers, and moderating panels.

The journey toward thriving landscapes and ecosystems continues; we can make a difference together. Join us in this essential endeavor! 

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