IKEA Foundation Awards 1000 Landscapes $3 Million To Transform Land Management

by | September 1, 2021 | 1000L News

The IKEA Foundation has given its latest vote of confidence in the 1000 Landscapes for 1 Billion People initiative and the holistic landscape management approach it champions.

In July, The Netherlands-based grantmaking organization announced it had awarded nearly $3 million to the 1000L coalition, providing significant support to help the group achieve its mission of regenerating ecosystems and working lands while boosting people’s ability to earn a living.

This funding is the second grant the IKEA Foundation has provided 1000L. The first helped complete the initiative’s inception phase, which ended in August 2020.

This newest grant will help 1000L’s partners complete the second phase of designing, testing and implementing a program to support local landscape partnerships worldwide. These partnerships will get technical assistance and training to run their sustainable development and conservation projects in diverse landscapes from Mexico to Fiji. 1000L’s goal is to create thriving landscapes for people and species living and working within them.

With IKEA Foundation’s support, 1000L will get closer to unleashing the transformative potential of integrated landscape management and scaling the efforts and impacts of local landscape partnerships.

“The IKEA Foundation took a big risk in supporting EcoAgriculture and our partners in the inception phase of 1000 Landscapes,” said Sara Scherr, the president and CEO of EcoAgriculture Partners, one of the organizations that comprise 1000L. “We are really grateful that they are staying on as an anchor grantor for 1000L as we move on to field-testing our services with landscape partnerships. With their contribution, we’re hopeful that we’ll successfully demonstrate major, sustainable benefits for agricultural livelihoods.”


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